Keeping Tradition

I remember when I was small, Larry and I would eagerly await the Wish Book arriving in the mail each fall. Once it arrived in our mailbox at Rt. 4 Box 724 time stood still. I can vividly see in my memory both of us lying on the Picadilly orange carpet in the living room carefully turning each page that was full of Christmas goodness. After the first look through, we both scattered to find paper and pencils to begin the all important wish list making. For some reason, each year, I always made sure to include the white leather ice skates at the top. It didn't matter that I lived in South Louisiana and we never once, in all the years I lived there, experienced enough ice to ice skate. They were present on EVERY list for about 10 years. When making the list, there was no limit. Mom wasn't telling us the items weren't reasonable or that they were too expensive, it was dreaming at its best. And today, I still make a list every single fall of the items I would most like to have for Christmas, even if I have to buy them myself. There is no Wish Book to guide me, but I think I can make do. So here is the beginning of my 2010 Wish List.

1. Hand stamped wax seal necklace from Cinnamon Sticks.

2. These adorable little posy flowers from The Pleated Poppy.

3. Loving these headbands from Gussy and her precious laptop tote.

4. I discovered a new shop online that I love - Down East Basics. The clothes are adorable and reasonable. This dress and skirt are among my favorites.

5. I'm a sucker for winter coats and found this amazing jewel at White House Black Market.
6. This lovely number from The Shabby Apple.
7. No list of mine is ever complete without at least one pair of shoes. These are from Born.


Just Me said…
I love your post. It brings back so many good memories for me too. The joy for me as a mom to see the two of you so excited about the catalog finally arriving and then seeing those dog eared pages throughout. Christmas was fun wasn't it. I still love it just the same. Keep writing. I love it.
Shasta Looper said…
Thanks for reading it mom! Glad to know that someone is!