Hot, sticky, wet - that would describe most of the feelings that I was having today while at Connemara. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed every minute of it. This is the 2nd year that I've ushered summer in with Carl and the Summer Institute. This year was quite different from last. I actually had responsibilities today. Whew!! The day was fabulous. I spent the morning with my writing group just getting the feel of the land and getting to know each other. This was the first time that we had actually sat down and had a chat or even wrote together. We were still missing one - Cheryl - and look forward to her return on Monday.

Lunch was fabulous!!! I believe that I've found a new place to eat when I'm in the mood for something different. I'll have to bring Cheney back.

After lunch, we met again as a writing group and began discussing possibilities for our video about READING. I'm passionate about our subject, but a little overwhelmed about how to represent it visually without it being just a clip of someone reading a book. However, we will work through that. We were talking today about how reading is our support/guide/pillar in the institute and might pull a metaphor of a map or trail out of it.

Each time I visit Carl's house, I'm taken aback by the simple life that he led. He surrounding himself with the things that he loved most - words and family. He was also a stacker and a pack rat, or at least his wife was. Maybe, there is hope for me yet.