Monday, June 23, 2008 - Catching Up

Monday, June 23, 2008

Catching Up!!
Since I was politely called out for not blogging while I was in Denver, here is the scoop:

Wednesday: Arrive at airport and fly all day. Get to hotel - room not ready until 3 so we went to Steuben's to eat. Meeting at 4:00 to tell us our purpose - SCORE, SCORE, and SCORE some more! Stayed in and ordered pizza and dessert. Trouble breathing.

Thursday: Training to score lasts until 5:00. This consisted of analyzing a rubric and anchor papers. Lunch was Italian. Dinner at Vesta - a dipping grill. Fabulous atmosphere and dessert. Homework completed around midnight - analyzing the rubric. Trouble breathing.

Friday: Training lasts until about 10:00am. First live paper scores started at 11:00. I finished 39 of the 1422 papers that my room had to grade. Lots of Hurricane Katrina stories and dogs. Rented a car and drove to Red Rock. Ate at the Red Rock Grill in Morriston. Got lost and saw the sketchy side of Denver. Martha drove. Trouble breathing.

Saturday: Recalibrate for scoring. All other rooms finished by 10:00 except ours. Break for lunch at 1:00. Score some more. As of 3:00, I scored 115 of 1422 papers. Most at my table only scored about 60. Hmmm! Now wonder we didn't finish. Drove out to St. Mary's Glacier for what someone said was an easy hike. Well, maybe for someone from California. Started at 10,000 feet (2 miles above sea level) and went straight up, across some snow, to a beautiful view. Lots of trouble breathing. Discovered that I really need to get in shape after running 2 miles after returning the rental car at midnight.

Back to SI: Great to be back. I loved Rebecca's demo. I can't wait to bring this strategy back to my classroom. I can't wait to see how creative people are in sharing the text with their administration.Lisa's demo was fabulous!! I loved the different versions of "You Are My Sunshine." I will be downloading those versions to use with my kids.