As I prepare to leave for Denver in the AM, I find myself spent. There has been additional stress that I did not account for in the last week or so and that has attributed to most of it. I am hoping that I will find respite on my trip. Not that it will be necessarily relaxing, but a change or break from that unaccounted for stress. I am looking forward to coming back to share all of the knowledge that I will try my best to absorb. I know that it will be beneficial to me and others as well. I think that is what I like most about the SI - teachers collaborating with one another to develop or refine their practice. Yes, we may be good at what we do, but the nature of collaboration is to become better and revise so we will then become great.

I've often pondered what makes one person great and I've determined, it is the team behind them. More often than not, most jobs have some aspect of collaboration in them for that very reason. The old adage, "two heads are better than one" is so true in every arena. The SI incorporates this philosophy each day. As demos are presented, fellows & staff stand before a panel of peers for constructive feedback. We immediately begin the revision process to make demos more effective and powerful, so we can then share with others. I respect this process so much and am glad to be a part of it. When I become unteachable, then I am unable to reach my audience, whether it be students or teachers. I love how we incorporated this aspect this summer. I do appreciate the written feedback, but I love the interactiveness of the live audience.

As a teacher, that is the one area that I make sure my students experience on a regular basis. I can teach them math, reading, even manners, but if they are unable to work together and have a teachable spirit, then their future will become difficult.