Today's Accomplishments

For some reason, I seemed to have way more time today than I normally do. Strange. I feel like I accomplished a ton:

  • Breakfast with my husband
  • To work by 7
  • Fixed a paper jam in my classroom computer
  • Taught about the Transcontinental Railroad and reading strategies
  • Writing lesson on nouns
  • Math Place value lesson
  • Healthy Lunch
  • Science Lesson
  • Walked 3 laps on the school track
  • Took care of 2 behavior issues
  • Picked Cheney up
  • Met with study group
  • Finished grad class assignment
  • Ate a quick lunch
  • Went to Target
  • Bought new shoes
  • Fixed supper
  • Folded clothes
  • Swept floors
  • 2 loads of laundry
  • Walked dogs - multiple times
  • Sent important emails
  • Quality time with husband
  • Talked with high school friend
  • Watched Hurricane Gustavus predictions
  • Cancelled trip to Louisiana
  • Talked with Louisiana friend about cancellation of trip
  • Organized closet and dresser
  • Bagged clothes for Goodwill
  • Going to bed

Whew!!! Now wonder I'm tired.