The Baby of the Group

Tonight was the beginning of Cheney's 20 year high school reunion. We met a group of his classmates at the high school football game for tailgating and friends. Most of these friends were people I had never met because Cheney and I didn't grow up in the same town. As a matter of fact, Cheney hadn't seen most of them for 20 years because he has been out of the area for so long.

When we first received the invitation 3 months ago I was determined to lose weight and look "hot" to meet my hubby's high school friends. Somewhere between then and now, school started, grad school intensified, and the desire to lose weight became a desire to ingest as much caffiene as possible and veg out on the couch. No weight was gained, but I resigned to just going like I was. I didn't even buy a new outfit. Tonight, jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt were the norm. I did allow myself one primping opportunity - Piero will be cutting my hair in the morning before the big shindig at the country club.

At the game as I began meeting everyone I became more and more comfortable in my t-shirt and jeans. I mean, why go gussied up if that isn't who I really am. I surely didn't want people to think I was "that" kind of girl and I sure was more relaxed because I could breathe in my denim instead of suffocating in Spanx.

This was the first reunion event I've ever attended - not that I haven't had the opportunity - but, all of my reunions took place when I lived out of town or when no one in my class wanted to put up the $35 for a meal and a DJ. So, I've never experienced the realization that the cool kids are now the overworked and stressed out parents, the computer geeks are the ones that have more money in their retirement fund than most of the people combined at the event, and the athletes are overweight and out of shape (not all of them).

In my opinion, I stood out among the crowd. I was dressed hip and had a funky hair cut and great jewelry. Cheney will be referenced as the guy with the "hot" wife and I will be categorized as the "baby of the group" because I am so much younger than everyone else.