Home Sick

It's been 10 years since I packed all of my possessions and followed Cheney to Alaska - far away from my home. Since then we've lived in Seattle, Baton Rouge, and now Travelers Rest. I was fortunate to enjoy 2 years back in my own stomping grounds. It's amazing how the home that I grew up in is quite different than the home I visit periodically. The town of Denham Springs is not the same - there's a Starbucks of all things on the corner of Hwy 16 and Lockhart. I remember when there was an old junk yard where the Burger King sits, a conveinent store where we would stop each Sunday morning for gum and certs and I would stop during the weeek for a Coca-Cola icee, and there were open fields where shopping centers and banks are now sitting. It's truly not the same.

I remember driving to school at Live Oak and not seeing a whole lot of traffic until you came upon Marlin's Pizza near the middle school. In the afternoons, we would walk across the street to the Live Oak supermarket for an afternoon snack, then get back in the car to sit in a line of cars waiting to make it through the only light in town. Easterly Lakes didn't exist and it felt like it took FOREVER to make it to the ball field to pick Larry up from practice.

I've found myself missing home recently. I've gathered my LSU sweatshirt and family photos and I've been reminiscing about how much simplier life was when I was in high school in college. Of course, it was pretty complicated at that moment.

I'm at the end of the tunnel for my Master's degree- 7 weeks off and I would love to visit home in celebration. I need to see my 2 neices that have grown so much in the last year. But I won't be able to make that trip until December. I love living away for the most part. Cheney and I have had lots of adventures and I wouldn't trade them for the world, but I would love to have a pot of my momma's red beans and rice, fresh potato salad, and a plate of beignets for supper tonight.


Just Me said…
I love reading your posts. I think its okay to be homesick every once and awhile. I think it just reminds you that there was a lot of love at home. We get homesick for you too.