I Can't Move...I Have A Great Hair Stylist!!

Over the years, Cheney and I have moved around quite a bit. I didn't mind, and I still don't mind moving to a new place. It's exciting, I'm able to meet new friends and expand my circle of influence. We are able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the new area, and we're able to add a map pin to our map of places we have been/lived. We love it. However, there are some drawbacks to moving to a new place.

1. Finding your way around - We've been in Greenville for a little over 2 years now and I've yet to learn all of the backroads and shortcuts in this area. I'm not sure if I'll ever learn how to get from point A to point B by using one of the millions of backroads that exist in Greenville.

2. Finding a new job - I've been fortunate to always land a great job in the places that we've lived, but the process of doing it has been daunting. As a teacher, I have to make sure that my teaching certificate works in the state we are moving to. If it doesn't then I have to take courses or tests to make sure that I can even get a job. Then, I have to learn the system. It would be nice to stay in one district so I can master the learning curve.

3. Packing/Unpacking the boxes - Cheney and I can have a house packed in 24 hours or less since we've mastered the packing stage of the move. So, we never really start the heavy packing until the day before. We are master packers and can load a van/truck/or sedan to the very brim and make sure that everything makes it - without breaking. The post office or moving company can't even insure that.

But, the all time biggest drawback is....

Finding a new hair stylist. I've had the fortunate opportunity to find great stylists in most of the places that I've lived - with the exception of the gal in Juneau that secretly wanted to date Cheney and when she found out I married him, gave me the worst haircut of my life. Thanks, Marianne!!! But, for the most part, they've been great. In Seattle, my stylist was Angie at Chardonnay Day Spa. She was edgy and always made me feel hip. In Baton Rouge, Alicia was the best - and the cheapest I've ever been too. She was fast too. She only charged $30 for highlights. Now, in SC, I've landed the best of all time - Piero - yep, he's an Italian, straight from Genoa, Italy. I sit in his chair and he does his work. I give him 2 requirements - make my face look slimmer and create something that will take 5 minutes in the morning. So far, he has lived up to my expectations.

So, Cheney dear, I can't move, I have a great hair stylist!!!