Halloween Stress

I'm fortunate to work at a school that encourages creativity. For Halloween each year, teachers are expected to dress in costumes, as are the children. However, with the creativity encouragement, there is GREAT stress. The people that I work with are highly creative and EVERYONE dresses - even the custodians and office staff. So, there is great pressure.

Each year, I begin planning soon after Halloween for the next year. And yet, each year, I find myself the night before the event stressing over what to wear. And here I am again, at 8:30pm wondering what I'll wear for tomorrow's great costumed event.

There were several possiblities that were in the top 5 list - dressing as my team teacher, a flapper, a golfer, a hiker - even Bella from the Twlight series. Or at my mother's suggestion - wear the same pjs that I wore last year as a tired teacher and just add a name tag that says "re-tired" teacher. Thanks mom, but there's really not a lot of creativity in that.

One year I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz - that took a lot of forethought and planning. This year, I wasn'tas prepared. I thought that even dressing up as a graduate, since I am, would be fine, but much to my chagrin, my husband thought that was unacceptable.

At this point, my options are: a geek, with the help of Maria; Rosie the Riveter, with help from several since I don't even own a red bandana - shameful; or a hiker of which I have all the necessary paraphanelia.

My students even chimed in on opinions - an LSU fan, but today was team spirit day; and the best suggestion of all - Barack Obama. That one was by my right wing conservative child - he thought it would be hilairous.

The decision will be made at some point this evening, but I'm not even sure which one is being considered as the lead costume at this moment.

Tune in later for a pic - possibly