A Journey Begun....

This week, I received an email fromthe National Board of Teacher Certification organization congratulating me on my "journey." It seems to me that there are two different meanings to the word journey -
1. An adventure or a trip
2. A sarcastic term identifying a stressful event

I think that I've begun the second form of journey. It's not one that I would have chosen for myself 3 years ago, but here I am, about to begin a huge undertaking in my professional career. This "journey" will involve gathering evidence of my teaching practice, videoing lessons, writing reflections, and a slew of other tasks to compile into a portfolio that is due by March 31 - no exceptions. The other portion will involve taking a computerized assessment at a testing center in June - and then I'll wait until November to receive my results. The magic number is 275. If I meet the 275 mark, I'll be known as a National Board Certified Teacher. My teaching certificate will be recognized in all 50 states and i will be allowed to take a break from all of the professional development that I've been participating in for the last year.

So, instead of writing for NBs, I'm updating my blog and playing around on Facebook. I think my priorties will need a little shift in the coming weeks, but I am thinking about all of the work that is before me. Maybe, this is my way of coping for the stress that I know is to come.


Just Me said…
I couldn't be more proud of you. You have worked really hard to get to this point. Of course,I'll be proud of you now matter what. Just wanted you to know I LOVE you.