A Guilty Pleasure

Everyone has their vices. Some like the occasional glass of wine, a run around the lake, or even a fast car, but mine is a little different.

There is nothing I like more than curling up on the sofa with a fabulous 80's movie. Great music, horrid clothes, the Brat Pack - what more can you ask for?

Now, granted, I was only 5 when the 80s began, but I did spend the better part of my childhood in this generation. 1985 was the year I was allowed to shave my legs, entered into 6th grade, and was introduced to the world of Bonnie Bell makeup. Not to mention, Girls Just Want to Have Fun came out in theaters.

I've seen Girls Just Want to Have Fun hundreds of times I'm sure. This movie was not the only one that was in my repitoire. Some Kind of Wonderful, Pretty in Pink, The Goonies - all left an imprint on my soul.

I vividly remember the Goonies for the simple fact that my mother took me to see it in the theater. That was a rare treat. Wouldn't you know that in the opening scenes of the movie, someone had to knock over the statue of David on the coffee table and break it. When mom saw what piece of the anatomy had been dismembered, she promptly jerked us up out of the seats and walked out. Hence, the Goonies had to wait for much later when I could handle such mature subject matter. Just to let you know, my brother and I both rank this movie up there as one of the greatest made. So, mom, you protection, didn't really help us after all. Love you anyway.