And Out They Come...

From the attic, the backs of closets, and the depths of cedar chests and drawers, the tacky Christmas sweater has made its appearance in droves around me. There is no better place to find them than a school, and mine was no exception - even the most stylish among me pulled them out this week. I am all for holiday cheer, but when it is the 3-D variety attached to my chest, I take a stand. When I first began teaching, I made a promise to myself that I would never venture into the world of themed sweaters and denim jumpers, and so far I haven't. I haven't even been tempted.

Of course, my wardrobe is not something worthy of strolling 5th Avenue in NYC, it is more likely to be found on a trail in the woods. I typically wear a long sleeved t-shirt and slacks or khakis, though this week I did wear a dress and a skirt one day - not at the same time. Comfort is the key in my wardrobe, and I just don't think that Tacky Christmas sweaters constitute comfort.
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