The Best Intentions - Photos Jan. 5th & 6th

The first after school commitment of 2009 was the Zest Quest Health Fair put on by our Wellness Coach, Brady. Brady organized health professionals to come and test our blood glucose levels, blood pressure, etc. I thought it appropriate to "capture" the data of my body in an effort to live up to the theme for the year. So, I conquered my fear of having my finger pricked and am happy to report that my sugar is normal. It took awhile, because apparently, I'm not a bleeder. That was good information to know. But upon suggestion of a 2nd prick, I immediately began rubbing my arm in hopes that a drop large enough to register would arise. Success came after a little effort, but without a new prick. So, the photo for January 5th is me getting my finger pricked.

To accompany my physical tests from the health fair, I made an effort toward physical activity today. First, 15 minutes of aerobic exercises in my classroom with squats and lunges. After school, I was sore, so they were done properly. After school I journeyed to the Leopard Forest Cafe in Travelers Rest to work on my National Board portfolio but stopped to pick up a snack at the Spinx station. I spent 15 minutes in the store debating a snack. The one I had hoped for - Quaker Caramel Rice Cake Snacks - were no where to be found, yet I resisted the urge to grab a candy bar and a coke at the first sign of tragedy. It would have been so easy to eat junk this early in the game. I settled on a Nature's Valley granola bar and a bottled of water. I did end up with a cup of coffee at the cafe, but that was minimal considering I drank 3 glasses of water today. This evening, I curbed the hunger bug and made a conscious effort to exercise. I worked up a sweat with kettle bells and began to move to push ups when my intentions were properly spoiled by an invader. See the pics below. Here's to a better tomorrow.


Just Me said…
Love your post. I love to see pictures of your life. It makes me feel like I got to come visit you. Keep posting those snapshots.