I've dropped the ball....already

I thought that taking a picture a day would be an easy committment in the new year. Well, it is actually harder than what I thought. I've discovered that many of my days look exactly the same, with the exception of what I eat and what I wear. It's really rather sad and depressing. My life pretty much consists of teaching school, attending grad classes, and working on National Boards for the moment. Today I did have a break in the clouds in my grad class on popular culture. Our group assignment was to discover what popular culture was for a certain age group. We targeted middle schoolers and headed to the mall. So, there are a few shots that would cover some of the things I would do on a day that was all about me.
January 18th - As I was straightening the covers on the bed before going to sleep, Cash decided he would jump in. This isn't unusual, but he usually moves when I began shuffling sheets and pulling blankets. Tonight, he burrowed under them and got real comfortable and nuzzled down and slept there for awhile.
January 19th - Today was MLK day, but instead of enjoying a day off, I spent the day in a meeting with the Upstate Writing Project. Arrived at home at 8:00. The picture reflects the amount of time that I spend on the road. I feel like I put more gas in my car than the average person. Sure am glad that it dropped a bit.
January 20th - A full day of teaching and a rush to the University Center to lead a leadership meeting. Arrived at home at 8:30.

January 21st -The school district that signs my pay check every week has decided that it is in the best interest of the budget to turn the heat off every afternoon at about 2:30 and then to turn it back on between 7:15 and 7:30. Sure, I'd like to save money, but doesn't it make sense to just turn it down instead of off. When it is off it has to work harder to heat the entire building therefore causing more wear on the system which will be a bigger expense when they wear out. Oh well, I spend most of my teaching time with a scarf and gloves on in my room. I tutor in the mornings beginning at 7:15 so I arrive well before then and freeze until the better part of the day.

January 22nd - A full day of teaching followed by a few hours of work at Furman University on National Boards-Arrived at home at 8:00. This picture is the chapel on campus at dusk. It's taken from my iPhone, hence the blurriness.
January 23rd - A full day of teaching and graduate class until 9:00pm. Starbucks is something I splurge on from time to time. I drink Einstein Bros. coffee since the shop opened up right next door to my school or Dunkin for every day purposes.

January 24th - All day at class broken up by a field trip to the mall. Arrived home at 5:30. Went to Cracker Barrel - our Saturday night tradition.