January 13-17th

This week has been hectic to say the least. I spent most of the week getting ready to video lessons for National Boards. It's stressful - really stressful. So, I was pretty much immersed in all things Suffrage. Therefore, I failed on the picture taking front. Here is what I've got, but there are holes.

On the 13th, I spent 4 hours at the Leopard Forest Cafe writing up entries for National Boards. There was a lot of reading and planning and typing. For each entry (there are 4) I have to write about 15-20 pages. It takes a lot of organization and revising, but I'm almost halfway done. The deadline is the 31st of March. This picture is of the requirements for one of the videos.

January 14th was full of activity at school. My class staged a picket line for women's rights. Students created signs and protested throughout the campus interrupting each classroom we came to.

January 15th - I spent the day in Columbia at an Exemplary Writing Meeting about our upcoming site visits. There are not any pictures of that event, but this one is of me standing in the driveway getting ready to go somewhere wearing the same coat I did that day. So, it works.

January 16th - We had a teacher workday at school - it was nice not to have students for a day, but I desperately needed time in my classroom to get ready to video tape national board lessons. Instead, I was in a meeting most of the day and then didn't feel well at all. So, I brought all of that schoolwork home with me for the 4 day weekend. When I woke up this morning, it was 14 degrees. The fountain at NGU was frozen, wish I would have gotten a pic, but that would have involved me getting out of the car in the arctic air. Maybe if I had my Alaska gear I would have, but I didn't. I'll post a picture of the new little coffee shop that opened near the school and I stopped at this morning. That's big news for our teeny community. A bank and a bagel shop, we're uptown now.

January 17th - In the recent months, Cheney and I have frequented the Cracker Barrell in Hendersonville, NC on Saturday nights. Today the high was only 27 so it made perfect sense to bundle up and head to the CB to sit in front of their fireplace with a plate of chicken and dumplins. I always get the same thing, but it hit the spot for sure tonight. A CB meal is not complete without their homemade biscuits and strawberry jelly - officially known as preserves, but not to this southern lady.


Just Me said…
You make me hungry for Cracker Barrel.Keep writing. I enjoy reading.