January 8-12th photos

Yes, I'm behind. My pictures are not updated. So, this is a makeup post.

January 8th - This is the normal routine for Taku. Anytime he is left inside, during Cash's alone time outside with Cheney, he becomes very concerned and normally stretches up on his tiptoes to peek out of the window. Cheney moved the ottoman over to the window so Taku wouldn't have to stretch so far - since he is a Jack Russell and all.

January 9th- Music is vitally important anytime I'm in the car by myself. First, it keeps me awake and secondly, it allows me to pull out the inner rock star - especially when those catchy Britney Spears songs come on the radio.

January 10th - Cracker Barrell is a restaurant that we visit frequently. Anytime we travel, we stop at the CB for good ole southern food. When we lived on the West coast, we knew were getting close to our southern destinations when Cracker Barrell began to appear on the exit signs. I think we've stopped at darn near every one of them between the Plains States and the Atlantic Ocean.

January 11th/12th - I spent all afternoon Sunday constructing what I think is a pretty good rendition of an outfit that would have been worn by a suffragette (Women's Right to Vote) is complete. For the hat, I adapted an old straw hat with feathers, lace, flowers, and other gaudy acoutrements into a hat that was requested fora tea party. It was worn today (12th to help my students visualize what the era was about -had a great response)