Bus Drivers and Bingo

At dinner a few nights ago, a topic of conversation came up that had me so tickled that I could hardly eat - it even caused a few embarassing snorts. This only happens when I am completely overtaken by the humor of the subject. Maybe it wasn't even funny, but just the well placed comment at an unexpected place - a restaurant.

For some reason, Cheney and I love to people watch. This often renders quite humorous conversations about crazy people. We've seen our share - as have you I'm sure. Pretty much, if you can imagine it, there's a person that fits it. For example - if you imagine a person that is shaped like Grimace, the much beloved but now forgotten McDonald's character, it is highly likely that you will find a person with that body type and more than likely that they will be dressed in purple from head to toe. I'm not sure how in the world that happens - maybe it is the lack of choices when shopping for clothing when you are that shape or size. **By the way, I in no mean am seeking to be intentionally offensive, it's just a feat of nature and our divine Creator. Don't you think that He had lots of fun when creating the people of this world? I for one do, and for those of you that don't - I'm not especially writing with you as my intended audience.

Anyway, I digress. The topic of conversation landed on the unsightly upper arm area of women that have somewhat lost their youthful tone. If you are politically correct, and I have never claimed to be, you may just refer to it as the lack of tricep muscle. My family - Cheney and I - have deemed this lack of tone - the Bus Driver Arm or the Bingo Wing. Just imagine your elementary school bus driver. I didn't have the liberty of having a young driver - there were some standards in Louisiana. As you step off of the bus and head toward the house, you turn and wave to your driver to wish her a final farewell, and lo and behold, she returns the wave. Her wave is graceful and long after her hand is finished moving, if her arm is still raised, you will see the slight swagger of the tricep muscle. There aren't many bus drivers that are lucky enough to escape this body trait. If you did not have a bus driver, take yourself to the local bingo hall on a Saturday night - if you can stand the smoke. The crowd is loaded with little blue haired ladies with their scores of bingo cards. When one wins a bingo, she doesn't sit demurely to announce her winning bingo. No, she is propelled out of her seat - arms waving above her head creating enough air currents to brew a storm - with her bingo wings flapping in the breeze.

So, next time you are out with your dear one, just take a gander of all the uniquely shaped people. If you are lucky enough to see one of the bingo winged or bus driver armed endowed, maybe she can show you how she can keep a beat with here triceps.


Sheryl said…
Our favorite past time!