Each year, along with millions of others, I resolve to change something - my weight, my attitude, my interests, etc. And each year, when February or even late January rolls around, I find myself frustrated with the fact that I had no will power or self-control to get my act together to make those changes. So in an effort to simplify my life, I have resolved not to make the same old resolutions. There will be no list of things to accomplish, no lists of books to read, no lists of exercise or health goals. Hallelujah!!

Instead, I have chosen to choose one word to focus on for the entire year. I found this idea while reading Ali Edwards blog. Ali is a crafter, most notably known for her scrapbooking ideas. I've followed for awhile now, but have never acted on anything she has suggested. Yes, I've filed away her ideas in a craft file for the day when I have time to focus on something other than teaching, but that was 3 years ago when I was scrapbooking on a regular basis. However, her idea of the one word resolution jumped out at me. So, drumroll word for the year is: CAPTURE.

After looking at various definitions for the word CAPTURE, I've settled on these from

CAPTURE–verb (used with object)
2. to gain control of or exert influence over
3. to take possession of, as in a game or contest
4. to represent or record in lasting form

So, in the new year, I will capture a healthy lifestyle of balanced eating and activity; I will CAPTURE daily moments and record them whether on a blog or through a photograph; I will CAPTURE the relationships and friendships that have gone astray and rebuild them to lasting significance; I will CAPTURE moments with my husband that allow us to grow and experience a full life; I will CAPTURE part of myself for a lasting legacy within my family. I will CAPTURE me.

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