State of the Economy

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Today it became very evident that the economy has affected everyone on the planet - even those in the medical field. I had my annual appointment this morning - I've put it off for entirely too long and I finally reached the point where I had to go. I don't look forward to this day - don't know anyone that does or should - so I normally schedule it for a school day - early in the morning so I can at least have the rest of the day to recover from the humiliation of baring it all for a total stranger. Today was no exception. My appointment was for 8 AM. This meant that I would still have to get up early and start the day with the horrendous experience of an annual exam.

As I was sitting in the waiting room I tried to find a suitable magazine to pass the time - there were none to be found. Only the free magazines that are sponsored by the local parents organization that can be found in every restaurant around town and are donated to every elementary school around. Thankfully, I didn't have to wait long. After having the particulars done - blood pressure, temp, etc. I was given the dreaded gown. Normally, this is a cloth gown that has ties to protect you from the arctic blast that is present in every office on the planet - and it is at least long enough to cover your backside. However, this was not the case. I was given basically a paper napkin that had no ties and was only waist length and essentially an oversized papertowel to cover the rest. As I struggled to make sure everything was covered, because I knew there would be some conversation before the actual exam, I ripped the "sheet" and the "gown" kept falling off of me. It was quite comical I'm sure. Apparently, there is no need for modesty in a doctor's office, but still, I was cold. I came to the conclusion that the reason I was sitting in a no frills office wrapped in paper towels was because not only am I trying to save money, but they are too. And since we will all have to pay more taxes to help everyone with a bailout or stimulus check, the size of my gown and sheet will just get smaller and smaller.


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