Bring on July

After much deliberating and dreaming, the decision has been made. Cheney and I will be packing up the car for another road trip. It's been 6 years since we've ventured out across the country. I'd say it's about time for something we enjoy and look forward to. We'll be headed to the interior portion of Alaska - Anchorage, Kenai, Denali,etc. - 4700 miles to our west. It will take us roughly 8-10 days to make it depending on what catches our eye. We'll spend 8-10 days there and then begin to make our way back via Juneau, our old stomping grounds. We are contemplating a ferry ride from Juneau to Prince Rupert,BC,Canada which would take us 2 days. Then another 2 days to Seattle. Hopefully, we'll get to spend a bit of time in the Seattle area catching up with friends from a few years back. Then we will trek back to SC making our way to Louisiana for a few days to see my parents. The plan is to be back in town by the 3rd of August so I can get ready to start school.

Things I'd like to see along the way:
Lake Louise
Banff National Park
Mt. McKinley
A moose close enough to get a good picture
Glacier National Park
Sunset Road
Friends that I've left along our path
Grand Canyon if possible

So, between now and then I need to get this fanny back in shape so I can canoe/kayak, hike, bike, and survive. This will not be a 5 star trip - tent camping will be the way for us unless we stay with friends periodically. Our diet will deteriorate I'm sure and I'll be reduced to hot dogs a few nights, but over a camp fire, you can't go wrong.