Held Within My Grasp

I've seen "Sex in the City" a total of 10 times now, but before you get offended or completely appalled that I would watch that movie, stay for a moment and read on. This movie caused me great reflection each time that I have watched it. The relationship that exists between the 4 main characters has been of more interest to me than the love life of Carrie Bradshaw. The girls have been through breakups, new relationships, pregnancies, moving across states, and infertility. The film caused me to be reflective on my own friendships and who I would count as my confidants. This has been a sensitive spot with me lately because I haven't been able to find a connection with anyone since moving to South Carolina. Most of my time is spent with Cheney and on the occassion that I want to do a girl activity, it is more than likely done alone. Before you feel sorry for me, I do have friends, but I can't say that the ones that I've made in SC are those fly across the country if you need me friends. Those relationships take time to build and 3 years just isn't enough. So, as I reflected, I came across a handful of names in my grasp.

Number 1: If I had to call someone my best friend, I would have to say Ashleigh. Although our friendship isn't a typical best friend relationship. We don't call each other every day - not even every month sadly. But, I know without a doubt that if I needed her, she would be here.

Number 2: Reba would be next in line. We met in Seattle and were both in similar spots in our lives. We had each been married for almost the same amount of time, we didn't have children, we were both teachers, and we both scrapbooked. And our husbands enjoyed golf. It was a perfect relationship until we both moved out of state and now we speak on special occasions. In the past few years, we've both seen losses together at the same time. Although we don't talk often, I know that I can count on Reba for a good laugh and support through any situation.

Number 3 & 4: Kiger and Roseanne are counted as close confidants as well. We all scrapbooked and were teachers at the same school in the same grade level. We saw each other through difficult relationships, pregnancies, and lost pregnancies. Each time I go back to Louisiana, these are my go-to girls. We are able to pick up where we left off immediately.

Of course, no list would be complete without mention of my high school group of girls - Tasha, Stacey, Melissa, Jacinda, Alyson. Tasha and I went to church together when we were small and Jacinda and I were actually in elementary school together, the rest were girls met in high school when I transferred to LOH my junior year. I came into the social group a little late with these gals, but nonetheless, they are a group that I owe a lot of growing up to. It's hard for us to coordinate get togethers since 3 of us live in other states, but when we are in town we make every effort to have dinner or drinks. Hopefully, there's a Vegas trip in the works for next year.

These are the girls within my grasp that I love dearly. Yet, at the age of 33+, I find myself longing for the friendship that regardless of what is going on or where we are, on birthdays the phone always rings and there is someone to celebrate with cupcakes or cake. I long for the girlfriends that have a monthly girls night where we may stay in and cook dinner and watch a movie or head shopping or to a restaurant. Girls that when bad news arrives, without regard for time or place, we rush to the side of one another and cry as one mass.


arrow517 said…
I feel so blessed that you feel that way about our friendship. It made me cry to hear that you do not have a connection there. I really do miss you and think about you all the time. Have a great day!-Reba