How Can Microsoft Help Me Teach Better?

The biggest obstacle that I face in my current position is the lack of materials to utilize in my classroom. I consider myself tech saavy, but without the proper tools, I cannot use my knowledge to teach the 21st century skills that I need to. Laptop carts are shuffled around the building and just when you think you can finish the project you started, someone takes it from you or complains that you've had it too long, so you reluctantly give it up. Microsoft can help me by providing access to materials that I can use on a regular basis. Microsoft can also keep me in touch with educators and professionals that are on the cutting edge of technology that I can tap into to garner new skills and ideas to keep me fresh and my students engaged. Am I a 21st century teacher - you better believe it? Glogster, Voice Thread, podcasting, vodcasting, online chats and students are connected, help me to keep them there.