Rambling Thoughts

Today I spent the entire day - my first official summer vacay day - in training for a new math textbook. It was rough to say the least. After the training, I headed to my MIL to meet my SIL for our Tuesday on the Trail meeting. We meet at about 5:30 and then head out to the Swamp Rabbit Trail in TR to walk for an hour or so. Today was our LONG day - as if the others haven't been - but this was a LONG LONG day. 9 MILES!! On FOOT - not biking, not rollerblading - WALKING!!! Our plan was to just walk one direction for an hour and then turn around and walk back. There were no rest stops, except for the quick bathroom break at the BP - one downfall of drinking water while you exercise. Although I feel a little exhausted and my muscles are beginning to tighten up, I feel great. That is 7 days in a row of major exercise. It only takes 21 to make it a habit. My goal for the summer is not to lose a ton of weight, but to establish healthy habits that have a byproduct of losing weight. Tomorrow - Jillian Michael's and I have a date with 30 pound shred.