The Things I Carry

This piece was inspired by an 8th grade teacher in our writing class this summer. It is based on Tim O'Brien's essay "The Things They Carried" about the soldiers in the Vietnam War. This is a first draft of something I would like to take further.

I carry a love for my husband that is as deep as it is wide.
12 years of togetherness because we carried “us” first.

I carry a connection to my history that bridges the gap to my future
Creole child overcoming adversity to rise above with a Master’s degree.
The only in the family.

I carry a bond with my mother, father, and brother.
That will never be broken or severed.

I carry a vow of protection to Sophie Jane and Sadie Bug.
As Auntie, I’ll be here to fight their battles with them.
And wipe away the tears when they lose, but cheer when they prevail.

I carry three furry children – Cash, Taku, and Shelby.
That bring me joy when the days are long and hard.

I carry friends across the country.
Connected through my iPhone, Facebook, and email.
Contacted regularly, loved always.

I carry experiences high on the mountains and low in the valleys.
Making me relatable to all people.

I carry a Christian heritage from generation to generation.
Fused in my heart by parents who saw the importance.

I carry the memory of a baby
Loved long before the news arrived and long after it faded away.

I carry passion for God’s creation
Immersed in the greens and blues of the world outside of the doors.

I carry a hunger for words and the smell of old library books
All kinds, all ways, all the time.


Just Me said…
What do you think makes you so akin to books, especially old books. Do you find you carry one in your purse or packpack and have it handy so you can read when you have a chance. I'm finding that I do that some.