A New Year, A New Word

Last year, I began a new tradition, thanks to Ali Edwards and her blog. Ali chooses a word each year as her focus. Last time, I chose the word "capture (Scroll down the page to read that post.) I have spent the last year trying to capture moments with friends, family, pets, students, colleagues, and the place I live. I think I've done a fairly good job, but I lost focus about half way through the year.

This year, I'm struggling between two words - "active" and "spontaneous." I guess I could combine them and be spontaneously active, but I'm not sure if I can pull that one off. Cheney would say that if I am planning to be spontaneous, then I'm defeating the purpose. In some ways, I suppose that he is correct. However, if I don't set out to make this a focus, it most definitely will not happen. I guess when talking about spontaneous, my goal is to just do something that I've never done. It may be exploring an area of my town that I have never experienced, hiking a trail with Cheney that I'm not accustomed to, or getting a wild hare and doing something out of character for me. Cheney has requested that every other month, these activities take place outside. I think that I can do that for him.

This past summer, I made it a goal to do something active EVERY day. In the process of meeting that goal, I lost almost 20 pounds. Those results make me lean heavily toward being active.

So, after all of this contemplation, I think I will need to choose two words - SPONTANEOUS and ACTIVE.

Keep checking back periodically, I may add a post here and there about the spontaniety that takes place or something active.


Just Me said…
Hey, I like your new look. Love the colors. Oh,and I think you will do well at being spontaneous and at being active.