Harry Potter Has Met Its Match

When I first began teaching, I was introduced to the Harry Potter series.  From that time on, I was never able to find a comparable text - one that would grab my attention, make me forget the world around me, or make me stay up way past my bedtime on a school night to finish reading.  But that was in the past.  Welcome Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief.

Much like my introduction to the Potter series, I had never heard about Rick Riordan and his latest series.  I was sitting in a movie theater when I met Percy Jackson, the main character, when the preview came on screen.  Immediately I was drawn into the story and wanted to know more.  

Percy is a character that many of my students may relate.  He lives in a broken family, is an average student, and has learning challenges.  Percy is a halfblood - half human  and half Greek god.  His father is the god of the Sea, Posideion.  Throughout his life, strange things happen to Percy.  After being kicked out of his 6th school in 6 years, he discovers his heritage.  

The book is full of adventure and would be a great addition to libraries everywhere.  I have loved the book from the moment I began.  Riordan does a great job of grabbing his reader and holding onto them until the end of the book.  It is set up extremely well for the sequel Sea of Monsters.  I believe this is a great way to teach students Greek mythology and maintain their interests.