A Little Bit of Writing

Oh, dear, warm and cozy friend,

How I appreciate your warmth

When temperatures dip into the 20s

I crave your soft embrace.

You are a welcome sight.

After a long day of toil,

Your enveloping fleece protects me from a frigid home.

Victim to the coldest winter since 1974-

The year before I was born.

Precious is the grandmother who sought you out for my protection.

Together we are quite a pair.

You snuggled against my skin

Covering me from head to toe

And yet,

Allowing me complete access to Firefly Lane and South of Broad.

Taku seeks out your comfort and warmth and you graciously welcome him with open arms.

Although you are not the real Snuggie,

I love you for who you are.

The plaid fleece blanket –

Much more attractive than blue or pink.

Your plastic made in China snaps maybe a bit out of place,

but provide character that Mr. Snuggie is missing.

Today, tomorrow, now, we will meet for our next read.