Where Poetry Hides

In the gentle whispers of a spring day breeze

The crackling and rustling of autumn leaves


The powdery sand sifting through my fingers

The fluffy white snow in my yard that lingers


The first few glittering rays of the morning sun

the reds and blues when the day is done


The steaming hot fiery red mug

The down comforter where I am snug


the eyes of Cheney whom I love

In the quiet prayers sent above


The first tender notes of Amazing Grace

The smiles on Sophie’s face


Giggles and squirms of Sadie Clara

In the pink and green tube of my mascara


The barks, the whimpers, and the howls of the hounds

The comforting noise of beach sounds


The crashing waves upon the shore

the strong graceful wings of the eagle’s soar.


My flaming red hot chi

The gift from Ulta that is often free


64 colored crayon box

The mix-matched pattern of my woolen sox.


Smooth decadent Godiva chocolate bars

The descending of a falling star.


The love and the joy, the stress and the pain

That is where my poetry remains.


Shonda said…
Wow!! I like your poetry.
just me said…
Oh my goodness! You can write poetry. When I first started reading I thought it sounded much like a psalm. Beautiful words. Keep on writing. You have a gift and I'm glad you are using it so well. Love you.
Sheila said…
Talent and personal insight create a beautiful poem. Did I not know you personally, I would still be impressed. But the fact that I did see you in action as a teacher makes your blog such a touching piece! Continue!!!! And blessings for all the kids who are in the testing mode for the coming days. My grandson starts tomorrow/fifth grade.