For those of you who question...

why teachers get their panties in a wad over budget cuts and pay scales, here is what a typical day in my life looks like.

5:30 Rise and Shine

5:45 Breakfast while checking emails from parents who emailed after 9:00 last night

6:00 Get Ready for the day

6:30 Leave for school

6:45 Arrive at school

6:45 Set up computer, check emails from parents that email before heading to work, make copies, grade papers, clean and straighten the book center and other areas of work, parent conference scheduled for this morning so I prepare materials for that (missing work, progress report, extra practice, test scores, etc.)

7:00 Parent Conference - explain test scores, strengths, weaknesses, discuss missing work, behavior, manners, social skills, etc.

7:30 Walk down the hall to do impromptu planning with team

7:45 Students arrive - take attendance, receipt money, take up missing work, answer questions, take up notes from parents, check if students had medication, monitor behavior, redirect those off task, correct rudeness, send kid to bathroom to put clothes on the correct way, give the child who hasn't had breakfast something to eat

8:05 Silent Reading time - monitor reading progress, reading conferences and fluency checks, organize materials for math lesson

8:30 Zest Quest - While students are here, I make copies, check science fair progress, stop by the office and report attendance and turn in money, talk with principal about MAP testing, grab instructional coach for advice, check out books from media center for lesson later today

9:00 Review math test - remind students how to multiply and use problem solving strategies, tally interruptions.

9:30 Begin Test. monitor progress on test, address cheating, have meeting in hall with cheating student, reteach concept, monitor those who finish early, create assignments on the fly for early finishers, crowd control, answer intercom call, fight with technology

10:15Take up test from those not finished to give a brain break, reteach what I saw kids struggling with, time for writing lesson. Gather kids on the carpet, redirect those who continue to talk, address social issues and rude behavior, teach mini-lesson on test prep for PASS, pass out materials, give instructions again for those who weren't listening, drink a cup of cold coffee, grab a bite of bagel. Monitor each group for writing progress, redirect those off task, give time limit for those struggling to finish..

11:00 Read a book to class to give encouragement for testing. Set goals Hand out snack for those students who don't bring one. Discuss gratefulness when they don't like raisins. Explain entitlitis. Take a deep breath because this conversation happens every day. Address student who decides to yell across the room. Address student who decides to do ballet across the rug.

11:30 Line students up. Sit students down because they are too loud. Line up again. Remind students to grab a jacket. Catch the ball that flies across the room. Remind students to pick up trash. Head out to recess. Play kickball. Refree the game. Give a lesson on sportsmanship. Refree. Stop game to reteach the rules - no tripping, pushing, shoving people as they get on base. Discuss ball hogs and teach positions. Play game. Keep score, monitor batting order. Someone needs to go to the bathroom. Let student into building. Address namecalling. Teach student how to run. Teach student how to kick.

12:05 Go to lunch. Sit at the kids table because there isn't any room at the teacher table. Talk to my girls about how to befriend someone who doesn't talk. Discuss ways to draw her into activities. Stop lunch to send a few kids to the bathroom. Eat lunch in 20 minutes.

12:30Line kids up. Send some back to clean up mess left on the table. Head back to the classroom to get testing materials. Remind of goals and just doing your best. Go to the bathroom. Make sure all 22 kids take advantage because they will not be able to get up during testing. Wait. Wait. Wait. Corral boys who are playing in the bathroom. Warn them. Wait. Wait.

12:45 Head to MAP testing. Make sure kids are at the right computer. Make sure kids have scratch paper and pencil. Run back to the classroom to get a student's coat because they are cold. Go back to computer lab. Child has a headache. Go to visit their mother for ibproufen in the office. Administer medicine. Go back to the lab. Read questions for one who can't read difficult words. Get Wednesday folder's together. Complete behavior checklist for folders. Make a list of those students who do not have a folder. Finish grading papers for folders. Input grades to gradebook. Write notes to parents. Gather missing assignments for folders. Answer questions about test. Discipline student for writing notes during testing. Ease the stress of students by encouraging them. Check in with all 22 students.

1:30 Have to pee! Get to bathroom before it's too late!!! I don't think I've gone since 5:30 this morning. After a cup of coffee, 2 bottles of water in the AM, 2 glasses at lunch, it's high time.

1:45 Congratulate students who are making their goals and showing growth. Take a small group of kids who are finished back to the room. Begin cleaning up, explaining what the day will be like tomorrow. Answer questions about assignments that are in progress. Monitor kids shopping at the MAP rewards store. Congratulate. Encourage those who didn't grow as much as they wanted. Console those students who didn't show growth. Question teaching ability when goals aren't met.

2:20 Begin dismissal procedures - clean room, pack up, wait for group to stop talking. Finish what I was saying. Pass out folders. Remind students to show them to parents. Oops! 6 kids hand me folders from last week. Quickly complete behavior checklist.

2:25 Dismissal. Car Line Duty. Listen for student names. Send kids to cars. Gather materials in classroom. Frantically locate book for book study. Turn technology off. Faculty meeting begins at 3:00. Head to the bathroom. Find something to eat and drink.

3:00 Faculty meeting. Discuss Daniel Pink's A New Kind of Mind. Discuss ways to incorporate it into our classrooms.

4:00 PASS testing information meeting. Read TAM. Discuss possible test violations. Discuss test protocol. Discuss what I can and can't do during testing. Discuss what needs to be covered. Discuss bathroom breaks - none by the way. Discuss every single "what if" that needs to be discussed. Sign my life away.

5:00 Head back to the classroom. Gather stuff. I don't want to grade papers. Grab a stack anyway. Kids need to know how they did on the math test today.

5:30 Head home.

5:35 Arrive at home. Husband in the garage. Enjoy the quiet. Brew a new pot of coffee. Eat a small snack.

5:45 Sit down at computer. Check emails since I wasn't able to all day. Respond to parents with questions. Check graduate class assignment list. What do I have to do for tomorrow. Can't find my poetry text. Walk dogs.

6:00 Don't want to grade papers. I'll do it in a minute. Check facebook.

6:30 Start looking at papers. Writing comments, but not grading yet. Write a blogpost about testing. Avoiding the papers. Head to garage to talk to husband. Don't want to cook, suggest pizza.

7:00 Go eat pizza. Stop at Wal-Mart. Need pencils, markers, more MAP prizes and COPY PAPER!

8:00 Movie on. Enjoying. Getting ready to grade papers. Start writing lesson plans for next week. Analyzing test data from this week. What can I cover in the next 3 days before PASS testing in ELA - subject verb agreement, comma usage, pronouns.

8:45 Grading papers.

9:00 Will read poetry text if I can find it. Start a load of laundry. Wash dishes.

9:45 Take dogs out. Complete day 3 of 200 sit up challenge.

10:00 Get clothes out of laundry and ready for tomorrow. Too tired to fold. Leave in basket. Take out what I need. Straighten the sheets.

10:30 Take a bath and get ready for bed.

11:00 In the bed, but still awake. Forgot to set coffee pot. Get out of bed. Get distracted. Start another load of laundry.

11:45 Trying to sleep.

5:30 Alarm goes off. Hit the snooze.

**And not to mention, the numerous district meetings, graduate classes and work with the writing project.

Not too sure, but I think all of the "schoolwork" done after hours makes my hourly pay equivalent to a waitress. I'm not complaining. But why don't you volunteer to get paid for 9 months, but average the paychecks out over 12. Take all of your recertification classes and graduate classes during the months of June and July, go into your classroom two weeks before classes begin to get it presentable and rewrite and replan because this is a NEW group of kids with learning challenges unlike any other year.


Shonda said…
WOW! You said it! PS. I can't believe you wrote that all out. I get tired just reading it. I feel the pain!