Where Are You Going????

When I was growing up, I was the child who always wanted to go somewhere. Anytime someone had the keys to the car in their hand, I was ready. It didn't matter if I had my shoes on or not, I was willing to abandon whatever I was doing and hit the road. Most of the time, the signal for a potential outing was my dad putting his socks and shoes on. He could just be planning on heading out to the yard, but every time I saw this simple task, I would ask, "Where are you going?" Many times his reply was, "Nowhere, just putting my shoes on." I think over the years he probably tired of me always asking that question.

I've often heard people say that when you have children of your own, watch out because you will reap what you have sown as a child. Well, I may not have children of the human race, but I have one "furry child" who definitely has the go mentality. Taku, our tenacious Jack Russell Terrier, has inherited this personality trait from his human mother. He's a smart cookie to say the least. Taku loves to go ALL THE TIME! This could be just for a jaunt around the yard, a run out at Furman, a car ride around the block - whatever the occasion, he's your dog.

Because of his brute strength while walking on a leash, Taku has a harness that we make sure that he wears when we head out for extended walks. When he is ready to go on one of these, he finds the harness and brings it to you. More than likely though, whenever he sees you grab the harness, only anti-depressants will calm him down. Taku is so observant that whenever he sees me grab socks and my running shoes, he knows something is amiss and I am headed out the door. He will then proceed to plead his case with you until you succumb, grab the harness and leash, and then load him in the car. Once out the door, he doesn't even have to be on a leash, he heads right to the car and waits for you to open the door - all the while barking to tell you how excited he is. If I grab my flip-flops, he doesn't exhibit the same behavior. If I grab my heels or school shoes, he doesn't blink an eye. This ONLY happens when I grab my running shoes.

The first 50 times this happened, I thought it was cute, and he was amazingly smart. Now, it is irritating to say the least. If he just wouldn't bark it wouldn't be so bad. And I know that he is simply saying, "Where are we going? When are we going? Am I going with you?"

So, Dad, I apologize for the 22 years that I asked you EVERY time you pulled out your shoes and socks. I didn't mean to be so irritating.