The Best Things About Summer Vacation

In August, typical classroom teachers all around the globe will begin their year with assigning students some version of the "What I Did Over Summer Vacation" writing project. So, I thought I would keep a running list of the things that I think are the best about my summer vacation.

1. Being able to go to the bathroom when I want and as often as I want without having to consider the 22 other bodies in the classroom being left alone.

2. In a close tie for the top spot, being able to eat whenever I choose.

3. Not having to hit snooze on the alarm clock because there is no alarm.

4. A completely open schedule to fill at my own discretion.

5. A regular exercise routine.

6. Eating ice cream because it is HOT outside.

7. Staying in my pjs all day if I want.

8. Extra cuddle time with my pups in the morning when they are their sweetest.

9. Pool time with friends.

10. Fresh vegetables from the garden - or Beachwood Farms.

11. Books! Books! Books! The time to read for pleasure instead of duty.