Connect Four or More

I remember one year for Christmas it seemed that I received a TON of board games from "Santa." Perfection, Guess Who, and a few others. But the one I remember the most was Connect Four. My brother and I spent many rainy day afternoons playing that game. It was easy to set-up, easy to play, and even easier to clean-up (one of the requirements for board games in my opinion.) I don't believe there is a person on the planet that would not understand how to play Connect Four after one time and even then without looking at the instructions. The object was to get 4 of your pieces - red or black - in a row. Then you would win. There was no way to cheat because once you dropped your piece into the rack, there was no turning back. Especially if you played with someone who wouldn't allow you to remove your piece if you "accidentally" dropped it in the wrong slot (Larry that's you!) As simple as the game was, there was a huge amount of strategy involved in winning. There was no willy-nilly dropping of pieces. To win, you had to think ahead and predict your opponent's next move. More often than not, my brother would win because I didn't spend a lot of time predicting or strategizing. I wanted to win and win fast. Just when I thought I was on a roll, he would drop a piece in to interrupt my "connection."

Life is a lot like Connect Four. There are some people that you connect with more than others. That despite what life throws in your way, those connections remain strong. Those connections are with people who despite distance or years, you are able to pick up right where you left off.

I have several of those connections in my life. Friends from junior high that experienced the same "firsts" - homecoming dances, driver's liscenses, dance parties, R-rated movies. Those friends may have disappeared for a season due to life experiences, but upon their return we immediately noticed that it was if no time had passed.

Friends from high school who experienced the same heartbreaks - sometimes over the same person - same camp experiences, graduations and weddings.

Regardless of how long those connections were interrupted, once they return, you realize how connected you truly were and continue to be.