A List of 35 Favorite Things

I was inspired by friend, Thea Lobell's post on Facebook listing 10 of her favorite things. So, as a response, I created my own list.

1. Burt's Bees Lip Balm
2. Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Coffee
3. Flip Flops
4. Banana Boat Tanning Lotion - orange glitter (I can't find it anymore)
5. Italian Sweet Cream coffee creamer
6. Coca-Cola Classic
7. Sweet Tea
8. McDonald's yogurt parfait
9. Duke's Mayonnaise - when I use it
10. Heinz ketchup
11. Fruit Loops
12. Aveda shampoos and conditioners
13. Dark Chocolate M&Ms
14. The Library
15. Barnes and Noble
16. Bare Minerals makeup
17. Johnson's baby lotion
18. The smell of Baby Magic
19. Franco Sarto shoes
20. Sonic Cherry Coke
21. Bruster's Coconut Chip ice cream
22. Fine point, felt tip blue pens
23. Smucker's strawberry jam
24. Pecans
25. Chocolate covered cashews
26. Trail mix with m&Ms
27. Fleece blankets
28. Red toenail polish
29. Red Chi flat iron
30. Yoga pants
31. My Toshiba mini laptop
32. iPhone
33. Circle E Bird of Paradise candle
34. Coffee Call Beignets
35. Fresh pineapple and strawberries


anjplanetyoga said…
One of the best balance poses is Bird of Paradise. It is one of my favorites. Yoga guru Leeann Carey breaks the pose down in a free yoga video. I thought your readers might like it: http://www.planetyoga.com/yoga-blogs/free-yoga-video-birds-of-paradise-pose/