35 Least Favorite Things

I guess since I have a list of my 35 favorite things, it only makes sense to have one of my least favorite things. So here goes!

**The picture is of my 2 sweet nieces. They are definitely one of my favorite things, but being away from them is one of my least favorite :)

1. Cold coffee
2. Putting on a wet bathing suit
3. Shoes that eat your socks
4. Temperatures so hot that it causes your legs to sweat
5. People who go barefoot in a store
6. Erratic drivers
7. Unsweet tea
8. Diet drinks
9. Messy sheets
10. People who yell
11. Walmart
12. Onions on my food, unless they are cooked
13. Books with typos
14. People who talk on the phone who mumble or talk so low you cannot understand
15. Wives who cut off their husband's legs in front of people (figuratively speaking)
16. Yardwork/Gardening
17. Chocolate ice cream
18. Collard/turnip greens
19. Cauliflower
20. Tapioca pudding
21. Stuffy rooms
22. Cleaning toilets
23. Washing dishes
24. Laziness
25. Entitlement - those who believe they are entitled to things
26. People who throw the victim card on a regular basis instead of listening to the real issue
27. Conflict
28. When I tell someone I am from Baton Rouge and they always repeat the city with a horrid French accent
29. Those who believe that teachers have the summer off and actually get paid when in fact, my pay check is really for 9 months and has been divided into 12 months.
30. Scrabble
31. Grading papers
32. Being woken up in the middle of deep sleep
33. Putting gas in my car
34. Sandwiches for lunch
35. Being away from my sweet nieces


Shonda said…
I agree with pretty much all of them except maybe chocolate ice cream!