Family Traditions

Growing up, I accused my family often of never having family traditions like other families I knew. There were no foods that were cooked every Thanksgiving or Christmas, there were no games that were played on certain holidays, there were no scavenger hunts to search for gifts, etc. However, I forgot there was one tradition that spanned the generations. This tradition began with Maw Maw Addie Kelly, my great grandmother and was carried down to me. It's not one I'm particularly proud of, but it is a family tradition nonetheless.

Maw Maw Kelly faithfully turned her television to the NBC channel at noon Monday through Friday to tune into the latest drama in the Horton-Brady family. She was a devout follower of Days of Our Lives from the beginning. Alice Horton became a personal friend of hers over the years and the antics of Stefano DiMiera frustrated her as well.

Believe it or not, my mother, was also a Days of Our Lives fan. My middle name of "Melissa" was actually from a character from the show. At least that is what I think I remember being told. Throughout middle school, mom and I would watch Days during the summer or if I taped it using our VCR. I can remember vividly watching when Isabella, John Black's wife, died from pancreatic cancer. Mom and I cried like babies in the living room.

I've tried unsuccessfully to break the habit of watching Days, and I've been successfull until the advent of DVR recorders and the SOAP channel. Now, I don't miss an episode. Regardless of how long I've refrained from watching, it doesn't take long to pick up and fall right back into place with life in Salem.

The writing has gotten progressively worse over the years and the ridiculousness antics of the people of Salem right along with it, but it's hard to turn your back on a family tradition. Maw Maw Kelly is no longer here and mom does not watch anymore, so it is up to me to carry on the family tradition.