For All Future Astronauts...

There is no need to apply to the NASA program if you are interested in pursuing space flight, walking on the moon, or a trip to Mars. However, if you wish to make people feel good about themselves, then the latest NASA mission may be for you.

This my friends is not a bash on the current administration - it would be a bash on any administration for the reprioritizing of NASA's goals. No longer are we actively seeking answers in our universe and our world. This week, NASA was assigned the task to help make the Muslim world feel good about their scientific achievements.

What happened to our space shuttle program? It was axed. So if the USA wishes to link up at the International Space Station, we now have to hitchhike a ride with the Russians.

Is there a plan to replace it? Nope!

What about returning to the moon? Not a priority anymore.

It's a sad state that instead of praising the scientific advancements of ALL people and searching for new technologies, NASA is now in charge of managing EMOTIONS!

I'm all about praising achievement - when it is real achievement! At one time, there was a real standard for excellence. At one time, to qualify for the Gifted and Talented program (now called the Challenge program) you had to qualify in ALL academic areas. Now, the program is being diversified! More students qualify, and to be quite frank, they shouldn't.

At one time, the only player to stay in the entire basketball game was the kid who excelled. They weren't pulled out and put on the bench to give someone who wasn't as talented an opportunity. And - every team did NOT receive a trophy - only the WINNING team did. Hmm!! How in the world will kids ever learn to lose gracefully and develop good sportsmanship if there is never a loser. A novel concept.

At one time, the only students to receive awards at the Honors Banquet were students who excelled. Teachers did not create awards to make sure that everyone received one.

The mindset that is permeating our culture is a mindset that scares the dickens out of me. Why in the world would someone try to excel if every one is going to get an award. And the flipside of the coin is why should I try to better myself if I'm going to be awarded anyway.

No longer are decisions being made based on deductive reasoning and logic. They are being made based on how someone feels. Listen to your local news or talk radio and listen for how many times people use the phrase, "I feel..." or "We don't want anyone to feel..."

I pray that there are people in our government (federal, state, and local), our schools, our churches, and our businesses who are not relying on emotions to make decisions, but who are looking at facts and figures, pros and cons, to determine which direction to go.