Love-Hate Relationships

I HATE running!

All summer, I've been working toward a goal of finishing a 5K and I'm not any where closer than I was in June. My endurance, my breathing, my legs, and my feet have all failed me at different times during this quest.

It's extremely hard for me to breathe when it is HOT and HUMID - I would think it would be for anyone, but I'm the only one doubled over sucking in trees halfway through my run. I think it would be easier if I didn't live in the south where we've hit record temps all year. Maybe, my running would improve if I lived back on the west coast where the air is much easier to ingest.

Last night, I thought that it would be an easy run. Cheney and I headed to the track at Furman University (I've only been running their lake trails all summer) so he could time me. His idea - not mine. I know I'm slow and that my pace is compared to that of a tortoise or a snail. And guess what, I'm okay with it. Anyway, I could not even make it one entire time around (400m) when I've been running almost the entire lake path (1.25 miles) without stopping. I didn't understand it. My legs were hurting, my feet sliding in my shoes, and not to mention I was soaking wet already after just a lap and a half of walking.

I really want to be a runner. I think it is the easiest way to get in shape and maintain it because you don't a) need to be a member of a gym or b) need fancy equipment. All I need is my running shoes and clothing (unless I wanted to run in Portland where they have the Naked Marathon).
I love the clothes that runners wear and the shoes they purchase. I love the gadgets and gizmos that help me monitor my progress. I love that I can do this with my dogs if I bring them. I like the idea of registering for a race and finishing and being able to wear the t-shirt proudly and answer people with a "Yes, I ran it."

As much as I hate it and don't think I'll ever progress past the menial 5K, the thing that keeps me going is glancing down at my leg when I am running (even if it is 400m). The way my quadricep muscle has developed sends me into the upper chambers of oblivion. Each time my foot hits the pavement, my muscles flex as they push off and I am in awe and I remember, this is why you do what you do - even if you aren't very good at it. You sweat, lumber around the trail, heave in deep breaths, and grab your side in pain all for the moment you put your black patent leather, peep toe heels on. All for the moment you stand sideways in the mirror to gaze upon your developed calf and quadricep muscles. And all of the struggle disappears into the past...

I LOVE running!


Ziggy said…
I know how you feel. I have a love-hate relationship with running as well. The right shoes and music with a good beat are essential! Keep at it... Run with perseverance.