4 Years

4 years ago this Friday, something completely wonderful was supposed to happen to my husband, my life, and our little dog, Bogey. 4 years ago this Friday, was scheduled to go down as one of the happiest days of my existence. 4 years ago this Friday, celebration was to take place. 4 years ago this Friday, a miracle was due. 4 years ago this Friday, our lives would change forever in a good way. And yet, this Friday is a bittersweet reminder of what was supposed to be.

4 years ago this Friday was my due date for the much anticipated arrival of a bundle of joy - boy or girl - we did not know, but we knew that November 26th was a day for joy. That little bundle had been prayed for every moment of every day for the 4 years before and has been grieved for the 4 years past.

While I'm supposed to be thinking of all the things in my life that I am grateful and thankful for during this week, I can't help to think of the one thing that I've lost. What I wouldn't give to see the sweet little face, kiss the cheeks, and plan the birthday party to celebrate that precious arrival.

But, Friday will arrive without celebration, without balloons and cake.


Laura said…
I'd love to tell you it gets easier... but you and I both know better. Love you cousin, I'm here if you need me.
Just Me said…
I'm loving you through it still. I believe that "little one" is waiting patiently in heaven cared for by the One who knows best. Keep holding on to hope. I'm still trusting and praying- went down Sunday morning and asked Bro.Ernest Graham to pray for ya'll and ask the Lord for a child. I'm not giving up, I'm trusting. Love, Mom
Shonda said…
My heart still grieves for you.