9 More Sleeps!!

While Christmas day is only 9 days away, my Christmas present will be taking place the morning after Christmas. Cheney gave me a plane ticket to see my family for part of the Christmas break. I can't wait to spend more than 24 hours with them. The last time I saw Mom and Dad, we drove to Gatlinburg for lunch then drove home. I wasn't able to visit this summer because we had so much going on and the air fares were ridiculously expensive. So, it's been an ENTIRE year since I've seen my family for an extended period of time.

While I'm excited about seeing all of my family, there are 2 little girls that I just don't see enough of. Sophie and Sadie are truly 2 of my most favorite people in the world. I am so thankful for Larry and Jannie and my mom and dad for keeping me alive to them on a daily basis even though they cannot see me. When I come into town, it's a big event and I spend most of my time making memories with those girls.

This year, I've started something new with them. Since all of our names begin with the letter "S," I had shirts monogrammed with S-cubed written on them to represent our little bond and I've planned our first S-cubed event. We will be having a slumber party equipped with cookies, hair styling, make overs (I hope they have improved from last year's make-over), finger nail painting, and lots of giggles and laughs. Sophie wants to camp out. According to her, I'm the only one that will do that with her. So, the night of our slumber party we will spend time around a fire making smores and singing campfire songs.

We've also scheduled a photo shoot to document some of our adventures. I can't wait to see all of the photos.

So, Sophie and Sadie, I hope you are ready for some serious Auntie Time!! I'll see you in 9 more sleeps.


Shonda said…
They are so cute! Have fun!