Christmas Traditions

Growing up I remember telling my parents that we lacked traditions around the holidays - especially around Christmas. As an adult, I know now that didn't. I probably should have said that we didn't have cool traditions. Stupid youth! But years spending Christmas away from my family has taught me that the traditions that we had - cool or not - were cherished.

Christmas Eve always meant a pot of gumbo and potato salad was more than likely on the menu wherever we spent the evening. Since being married, I haven't perfected the perfect pot of gumbo, and it has been replaced by Brunswick stew, one of my husband's family's meals. I love the simplicity of a pot of soup or stew on the stove and relaxing with family with no agenda or place to be.

Christmas Eve also meant spending time at church partaking of the Lord's supper. This year, we spent Christmas Eve morning with Cheney's family at NewSpring church in Anderson. Johnathan, Cheney's nephew, invited us to attend with him this morning. It was great to see him so excited to have the entire family share in the worship service with him.

Growing up, Larry and I always watched "A Christmas Story" at some point during the holiday season. It is just coming on television right now and it will NOT be ignored!

When we were smaller, Dad would always load the van up and head out to look at Christmas lights around Denham Springs or Baton Rouge. Some years we frequented the Messenger's house and others we found ourselves at Billy Graham's campus or Monticello. This year, Cheney and I went downtown to see the lights and trees.

Christmas Eve always meant opening one gift. This was usually a surprise gift when we were older that was purchased by Daddy. One year I received a gold cross and another a silver locket - both of which I still have today. We opened all of our gifts to one another tonight since Cheney is going hunting early in the morning and I am having breakfast with my MIL.

I think if we had children, the traditions that we are creating would be different, but they aren't bad. They may even be cool.