2011 Craft Challenge

Inspiration has finally struck! After reading blogs for about 6 months that have been primarily dedicated to crafting, I am in the mood to create. It's been a LONG time because life has run its course over the last few years with work, grad school, national boards, and a slew of other things. However, now that my plate is primarily clear, I have time for the things that I used to enjoy.

So, I've challenged myself to create one project once a month. I've decided to make my crafts Christmas focused. I know, Christmas is gone, but there are decorations that I want to include in my house and I don't want to wait until November to make everything. To make this challenge manageable, I've chosen 12 projects that will add to my decor. Some of these are going to push me to learn how to sew - think I'll save those for the summer - and some will be quickies.

For the month of January, I'll be creating a wreath for the front door. I've scoured the internet looking for tutorials and I've settled on a variation of a few. My mom has decided to join me in my quest for craftiness. I'm excited about seeing what she will create as well. At the end of the month we are posting pictures on our blogs to show what our final product looks like. I encourage you all to join me in the 2011 Craft Challenge. I'll be adding a link-up tool so we can easily see what everyone has created. Look for it by the end of January.


Shonda said…
Oh, I can't wait to see what you make. That will inspire me. I need to make a new purse for myself because I can't stand the one I have. I am going to just give myself that one challenge this year!
just me said…
Ah hum, I haven't started yet. But I'm gonna.
Shasta Looper said…
I haven't either, but I do have an idea. Just have to get the supplies!