2011 Project List

Since I've had the last 3 days off from school due to snow, I've been exploring projects on blogs that I would like to complete in my house.

1. January Craft Challenge project - Christmas wreath
2. Paint bedroom - still deciding on color, but I'm thinking about a taupe color
3. Jewelry Organizer - Something similar, but more color.
4. Love Note throw pillows - Cheney and I have letters from our long distance dating
5. P.S. I love you art
6. Paint the kitchen red or yellow - leaning toward yellow.

Thinking this is enough to get me started for the year.


Shasta said…
Great blog! I was just entering the 3 Little Birds Boutique giveaway and I saw your name posted. Rarely do I run into another Shasta - that I had to stop by and say hi! :)
I love a yellow kitchen. :)