Awesome and Awkward Thursday!!!

New weekly post for those followers who look forward to weekly updates - that's you Mom! Sydney over at The Daybook features a regular post called Awesome and Awkward Thursday. So, I decided to jump on the bandwagon to share some awkward and awesome moments over the past few days. Let's just get the awkwardness out of the way....

1. Attempting to do divebomber push-ups from P90X in your classroom after school when a student walks in because he forgot something. Nothing like having your butt in the air for that!

2. Cracking up in the middle of a faculty meeting over a saying that was said when not everyone in your vicinity would appreciate the humor.

3. Having to go to the bathroom 6 times during the day when you are a teacher! Not very practical! Dadgum my commitment to drink water.

4. Standing in Academy Sports wearing your must horrid jeans and realizing that your panties are showing because they are too big.

5. Having to cancel a field trip due to weather and dealing with disappointed children all day long.


1. Getting everything taught that was on your lesson plans for the week!! Woo Hoo!!

2. Finding a home for the pup that showed up last week. Having to say goodbye to Daisy was more difficult than I expected.

3. The weather finally predicting a hint of sunshine tomorrow.

4. Chick-Fil-A brownies at lunch - Thank you M.U.!!

5. A shrimp po-boy that was close to Louisiana style.

6. The fact that I wasn't able to eat as many chocolate chip cookies as normal because they just didn't taste right.

7. Making it through Day One of P90X and still being able to stand, sit, and roll over!


Just Me said…
I just enjoy so much reading your articles. You made me laugh today.
Love you,