9 Loves...

9. A Sonic Cherry Coke on a hot day. You just can't beat it. But, I've been cutting back on my soft drinks, so I haven't had one lately.

8. Fresh strawberries - I could eat my weight in them. As a matter of fact, I've eaten 2 pints just today while in Louisiana.

7. The fact that I am from Louisiana because it is so rich in history and culture. But I also love the fact that I have lived in a few pretty cool places - Alaska, Seattle, and South Carolina.

6. My furry babies - Cash and Taku. I can't imagine my life without them.

5. A good love story - my current favorite is mine!

4. A great book and a good cup of coffee.

3. Travel - One benefit to being a teacher and having a spouse who is self-employed is the ability to travel when we want to. Since getting the dogs though, we haven't been able to pick up as often, but we both love to travel. Before moving to SC, we took the summers as road trips and traveled all over the US. Can't wait to do that again.

2. My family - parents, brother, SIL, nieces, grandparents, and everyone else. I've completely enjoyed this week spending time with everyone that I love.

1. Cheney - It's been 14 years since we said those precious words, "I love you," and I can honestly say that I love him more today than I did yesterday.