Awesome and Awkward!!

I'm thinking that the weekly dose of Awesome and Awkward is therapy for me and now my favorite kind of post to write. I find myself thinking of all these things throughout the week. It probably would make more sense to start this post and add to it through the week so I wouldn't forget, but NAH!! That would be too analytic!!


1. Falling for an April Fool's joke on the day after! I thought I had avoided all of the jokes that Cheney had planned, but Saturday morning as I fixed my coffee I poured the creamer into the cup, added coffee and everything turned grainy like sand. *This was at 7 AM Saturday morning by the way. I tried again and had the same result.

2. Having to ask students to pick things up off of the floor for you because you are SO sore from working out.

3. Trying on the jumpsuit I ordered from Target - that came without instructions - and realizing it was too difficult to figure out and easier to send back.

4. Ordering jeans from ebay in your size and getting them just to discover they were WAY to small!!


1. Completing the ENTIRE week of P90X successfully and still wanting to do it again.

2. My pants being loose and people noticing!

3. The last 5 days have been absolutely beautiful - sunny, clear, and warm!

4. Spring Break is only a little over a week away!

5. Having dinner cooked for you by a wonderful husband who is on board to your dieting plan.

6. Having a husband who is working out the same time you are!

7. My new Aviator shades and the fact that they were only 10 bucks! Now all I need is a call sign!

8. Being called stylish and trendy by your 5th graders.