Awesome and Awkward Thursday!!!

Been quite awhile since I've done the awesome and awkward thing.  Don't think for a minute it was because I didn't have any awkward moments happen...they did.

1.  Going to eat dinner with the hubs and having to go to the bathroom.  Went and did my business, when lo and behold the toilet seat broke and slid off.  Yes, I understand that may have been TMI for some, but it was totally awkward!

2.  Getting a pedicure today and the dude cuts my toenail so short it is in the quick.  I immediately jerked my foot away and winced. He didn't notice and I still had to pay full price.

3.  Competing in a Just Dance contest with my students the last week of school and dancing to Britney's "Toxic" when I feel someone standing behind me.  Yes, it was a student's dad.

4.  All of the tears when my friends at Tigerville found out I was leaving.  I love them all, but tears unsettle me, especially when they come from a man.

5.  Laying out on my stomach and not realizing that my bottoms had crawled a bit -spectacular tan line let me tell you.

6.  Belting out Pink's "Raise Your Glass" in your car and realizing the people beside you in traffic are laughing at you.

1.  NO SCHOOL until August - well officially.  I'll be there throughout the summer getting things ready.

2.  My new Lisa Leonard necklace from the hubs.

3.  Sitting in my chaise lounge chair (reminiscent of the 80's) and reading in the morning.

4.  Tan lines!!  I know, I'm old school, most people hate them, but I love them because they tell me how much sun I've had.  And yes, I do wear sunscreen.

5.  Wearing no makeup in the summer due to my tan and my hubs telling me he likes me best that way.  I was wearing shorts, a tank top, hair in a pony, and lip gloss.  Love that man!

6.  The awesome Pizookie's we had for dessert tonight!!

7.  Two successful presentations at the Upstate Technology Conference and one participant telling me that I was awesome!!

8.  Spending the mornings snuggled up with a good book, a cup of coffee, and my pups because I can!