A Dad's Life...Thanks for the One You Lead!!

On this 2011 Father's Day, I just wanted to say a few words about my Daddy...

~Thank you for choosing my momma as your spouse 37 years ago.  I couldn't imagine my life without the example that both of you have set. 

~Thank you for loving Momma in front of me!

~Thank you for all of the time that you spent with us growing up - arranging your work schedule to make it to the ball games, birthday parties, school events, etc.  It was noticed!

~Thank you for your generosity in all things - especially handing out the 20's.  I can't remember a time that you ever told me no when I wanted something.  It may have been delayed, or I may have had to work for it, but you always made sure that I had what I needed and more than likely what I wanted.

~Thank you for the memorable vacations that we took every year - the beach, the mountains, Disney.

~Thank you for spending time on your knees praying for me every day.  If that isn't an image of love, I don't know what is.

~Thank you for the rules and the boundaries that you set.  Without them I wouldn't be the woman that I am today!

~Thank you for being willing to send me halfway around the world, finding a Godly man to marry, and supporting our decision to live out of state.  Thank you for finding time out of your schedule to visit us where ever we have lived.

~Thank you for your unconditional love, which I have never doubted!


Anonymous said…
Hi Shasta,

It's great to "meet" you.... I've enjoyed reading through some of your recent posts & this one about your Dad is so sweet. You asked a question on my blog about the ice packs.... but your email address isn't showing on your Blogger profile ~ so I'll answer you here: I picked them up at the drug store. I believe it was CVS or Walgreens. They were about $10 each but very worth it. Have a great day!!
Shasta Looper said…
Thank you Kim! I'll check my email address on my profile!!
Just Me said…
You brought tears to my eyes reading your Dad post. I know you were brought up "very disciplined", compared to man. I have often wondered what the two of you think about your childhood. Your daddy and I have made many mistakes but I think we made accomplished more good than bad when I look at how you and Larry turned out. Just want you to know we love you.
Just Me said…
Sorry, forgot the "y" in many. Should have previewed.