Day 3 of Operation Eat at Home Plans...

The first two days of OEAH (Operation Eat at Home) were extremely successful.  The only thing that we "ate" out was a refreshing cold drink from McDonald's after our geocaching adventure.  There is NOTHING like an ice cold Coca-Cola on a scorching day.  But, if you haven't tried the frozen strawberry lemonade, it does make a close second.

Anywho, on to the purpose of this post.  Today's plans are a bit different due to Cheney's brother leaving for the Dominican Republic this week.  So, we are actually going to eat with the family tonight at a local eatery - The Thai and I.  Before you get excited about Thai food - that's not it.  The name was created because the owners were a married couple and the wife was of Thai origin.  They have the basic greasy spoon choices - cheeseburgers, hot dogs, onion rings, etc.  They have one loosely "Thai" dish - fried rice and egg rolls.  This is the only restaurant close to us and was just down the road from my little elementary school.  Every Friday, the teachers would call in an order for our lunch.  After eating it every Friday for several years, I kind of burned out on it, so my dinner of choice is usually a salad.  I dread eating inside because you come out smelling like you have been dropped in the deep fryer so there will be no going anywhere afterwards.

But, today's breakfast was my standard apples and peanut butter with a cup of coffee and a big glass of water.  For lunch I will be partaking of hard boiled eggs and a banana (sounds appetizing right?).  It's so stinking hot that I can't even imagine cooking during the day.

For dinner tomorrow, I'll be cooking Cheesy Chicken & Salsa Skillet.  Fortunately, I have all of the ingredients and will not have to go to the store.  Trying to squeak out until Wednesday of next week.


Shonda said…
Try as I might I haven't figured out how to meal plan so I don't! I like that recipe you linked. I think I have all the ingredients except I don't like peppers so I will omit them. Hope you are having a great summer!