Dear 16 Year Old Me...

Dear 16 Year Old Me,
I'm writing from your future life - while maybe not what you expected, it is all good.

1.  Don't get discouraged by your lack of dating life and the fact that you spend most of your Friday and Saturday nights with your family.  It all works out and you will find your soul mate when you turn 21, in Alaska of all places.  Don't worry!  The time you spend with your mom and dad will be something you are thankful for when you move North and end up living away from home for quite some time.

2.  Quit writing in your calendar about what you wear!  You are obsessing over something that is inconsequential.  If you can learn that you are enough and what you wear doesn't make who you are, your life will be much easier.  However, I must tell you, you will still care about what you wear because of the people you work with.  But, when you turn 36 you will be back to a work dress code that only includes 3 colors.

3.  Start exercising early and make it a habit.  You won't always have the cute little legs and tight abs that you have now.  You will struggle to find time in your busy schedule.  You will waffle between running, going to the gym, and working out at home.  But don't wait until you are in your mid 30s to make this work.

4.  Listen to your mother when she tells you to make sure you don't sleep in your make-up.  It is a horrible habit and hard to break.  Wash your face every night.  As a matter of fact, if you can, go without makeup.  Do it!  It will cost you way less!

5.  Make a conscious effort to stay in touch with your friends.  You will need them during the next 20 years and they will need you.

6.  Don't obsess about your weight, but make healthy choices that will allow you to eat what you want from time to time.  Your body will change, but if you have developed that healthy lifestyle, it won't be an issue.

7.  Travel more!!  I know your dad frowns on you going places with just a bunch of girls, but take advantage of every travel opportunity - even those that will send you to other countries.  When you are 36 you will regret not traveling as often as you could have.

8.  When your dad offers to buy you a classic Mustang, don't balk at it.  He knows what he is talking about.  You will want one in your future.

9.  Visit  your grandparents often...they will not be there forever and if they are, they may not remember who you are from time to time.

10.  Learn how to change a flat tire and the oil in your car (or at least check it).

11.  Go ahead and start your college experience with the major that you end up pursuing - education.  Your resistance is ridiculous and you will be rewarded in your career. Keep in mind that you get queasy when you see blood or needles so nursing probably isn't for you, regardless of what you are thinking!

12.  Drink water!!

Your 35 Year Old Future


Just Me said…
this one is so good. Not to say that it is the only one good. Of course they are, but this one brought me back. I've gota put this up on my FB page.