Have You Met Mandy??

Have you met my sweet friend Mandy over at Mandipidy?  If you haven't, you should visit her soon!  I discovered Mandy last summer when I began seeking out blogs to read in my spare time - blogs that would give me inspiration to create.  I enjoyed reading her posts from the moment I found her.  She always had an amazing tutorial on something she had found that she knew she could make for way less money.  A girl after my own heart.  A few months ago she began pursuing her printmaking business and I kept her on my radar.  A few weeks ago, she posted this and my heart stopped!  Did I dare assume that she would venture into all 50 states???

I sent an email asking if there was a possibility that she would be adding Alaska, Washington, Louisiana, and South Carolina.  I didn't know if she would even respond, I mean she has over 900 followers to her blog,  but guess what??? She did and she told me she would move them to the top of the list.  At first I thought, surely not!  But yesterday as I was stalking people on Facebook, she posted my states!  I was completely impressed and ordered all 4 immediately!!

So, a shout-out to my favorite Etsy shop owner, Mandy!!!  If you haven't checked her out, please do!!


Shonda said…
I gave you a Happy 101 award: http://jsknowlton.blogspot.com/2011/07/happy-101-award.html. love, Shonda
Oh my, I thought I'd read around on your blog, and I in no way expected this! You are so sweet... this totally made my morning! :) And I am so thrilled that you like the prints!!
Have a wonderful day, Shasta! :)